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Keep your gin operating and running at a high rate of production.

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precision gin works

What We Offer

We stack & train all gin saws, In stand brush balancing & provide gin stand repairs.

Cotton Gin Saw Training

We stack and train all gin saws, In stand brush balancing.

Cotton Gin Repairs

Providing gin stand repairs in Lubbock TX and across the US.

Cotton Gin Spare Parts

We offer and carry a variety of ginning spare parts, that we can also install if needed.

With Our Partnership

We can provide new parts, repair and rebuild existing parts, or deliver used parts for Lummus, Continental, and Consolitdated.

Gin Stand Controls

Our custom controller technology will enhance your ability to control your gin stands and protect your cotton ginning equipment.

Fully automatic saw training machine that will correct saw blades up to .005 runout.

Cotton Ginning Services & Parts!

Precision Gin Works- Cotton Gin Repair in Texas

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(806) 607-8805

Our Location

Precision Gin Works
2319 E 50th
Lubbock, TX 79404

What we Do

Cotton Gin Saw Training
Cotton Gin Stand Repairs
Cotton Gin Spare Parts
Custom Control Console
New & Used Gin Parts
Used Gin Equipment
Installation Available

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Precision Gin Works – Cotton gin repair in Lubbock TX, Cotton Gin Saw Training in Texas and across the US. We offer Cotton Gin Repair in Texas and service all other area’s. We also repair or custom build Gin Stand Controllers. We have parts and equipment for Lummus, Consolidated, and Continental.